Mathematical Competency for the Workplace

Mathematical Competency is crucial for success in the workplace. Mathematics teachers are all too aware of students’ beliefs that they’ll never need or use their school level mathematics in their future employment. This report by the Sutton Trust calls for a consideration of Simple Mathematics in Complex Settings.

There is a real difference between teaching students how to follow procedures and equipping them with a deep understanding of how and when to apply these procedures, and their understanding of them, in context.

So, while GCSE maths may equip young people with a basic understanding of key concepts, it will not necessarily provide them with the capacity to apply those concepts in practical situations. Such skills are vital in the workplace, as this study shows, but also in a host of university subjects that are not traditionally seen as mathematical, where statistical and chronological skills are vital.

Read more: The Employment Equation: Why our young people need more maths for today’s jobsProfessor Jeremy Hodgen, Dr Rachel Marks King’s College, London

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